About Us

Roomy Studio was born out of the natural need to create a piece of DJ furniture that would meet all the requirements related to order our DJ equipment and vinyl collection. We couldn't find furniture that would be built sturdy and solid. All shelves we found were too weak to handle our vinyl collections and there were no Furniture's with drawers for vinyl to hidden them against dust. We decided to built furniture crafted especially for our needs.

After creating a prototype of DJ furniture, and checking if everything functions as it should, we've found it would be great to share this idea with those who also looks in furniture functionality and to be well built.

That's how Roomy Studio was born.

We want in our studio to offer furniture that will be used by vinyl collectors, dj's at home, music hobbyists, music producers and for all those who care about unique designing in your space. We choose the best materials and our goal is to bring a great looking furniture built with the highest quality and solid construction.

We are currently working at new furniture's to expand our collection for more areas that can be used in home studio.

We can also make custom designed furniture's, so if you like our style you can contact us with your ideas.