1. What is the difference between Roomy DJ Standard MK2 and Premium version ?

The big difference is in drawer systems.

Premium is Legrabox from Blum and can handle capacity up to 60 kg.


The design of the drawers in Premium is made with smooth looking thin steel sides with no connections visible.


The assemble is easy and fast. You can add inside drawers organisation such as cross railings to keep records in order while closing the drawer.

In Premium you can also choose matt or glossy finish of the fronts.

You can check what Legrabox is and what it offers in videos below:

Standard version use drawers that can handle capacity up to 50 kg.

Standard drawers version is made with basic particleboard board and visible connections inside drawers.

Inside drawers are in two colors: basic white or light grey.

Standard mode offers only basic colors white and black, no matt or glossy finish.

In the middle part there are no drawers, but shelves with doors. We used handles and oak legs instead of metal frame.

2. During checkout I got information" Sorry, we don't sell to xxxx Territory" ?

We are based in Poland within European Union. If you live outside EU please send as an email to info@roomystudio.net of your destination and we will send you shipping cost. We can offer worldwide delivery but the pricing outside EU are very different depends of the destination and has to be calculated individually.

3. What kind of payment do you accept?

We are accepting payment by paypal, bank transfer or credit/debit card.