RoomyDJ_DJ Furniture
RoomyDJ_DJ Furniture
RoomyDJ_DJ Furniture

Roomy DJ DESK Features

Roomy Studio is our company name and our first DJ furniture is called Roomy DJ. The idea for the name is very simple, we use our DJ gears at our room. We designed the furniture for modern look so it will fit in every environment like living rooms, galleries, lofts ect.

Roomy DJ is designed to be very stable and sturdy. It has to hold very high weight of DJ gears especially turntables and vinyl. All is constructed that it wont collapse or bend under capacity. The back of the furniture is also made with 18 mm board (no more cheap 3 mm hdf). The back is also finished the same as whole body so it can be placed as DJ booth. Roomy DJ handle all the problems with messy cables and keep gears at one place.

We used drawers because they are the most efficient systems in furniture's. All drawers are Legrabox made by Blum with steel sides and can handle capacity up to 60kg each. These are the best drawers on the market and will last for long time.

We decided to go for modern look without handles, all drawers open by pushing the front. You can close them either by push them back or push to soft close. You can also add handles as an additional options.

Find out below what makes Roomy DJ a perfect fit for your DJ gears and vinyl collection.

* All gears shown on the pictures are for demonstration purpose only and are not sold with the Roomy DJ.

The gears used on pictures: two turntables, pioneer djm-900 nexus, pioneer cdj-2000, numark laptop stand, macbook pro 15 inch, isoacoustics stands, yamaha msp5 speakers, akg headphones.

top drawer

Durable drawers

Durable drawers, with a load capacity of up to 60 kg! They will lift the heaviest turntables like Stanton ST-150 MK1. The top drawer width is adapted to fit two turntables and 4 channel mixer. Inside width is 1255 mm. We can customise the drawer for battle position.

cable managment

Cable management

Hidden cables in the whole furniture, easy access, clean look.

vinyl collections

Vinyl records in order

Keep order in the vinyl record collection. Access to the collection from the front is easier and more efficient for quick search. You can order separators as additional option. Labels on separators are custom made and not sold with the item. Cross railing can be sold as additional options, it keeps your Vinyl on place during closing when you don't have filled whole space.

accessories drawers, cd collection

CD and small accessories

The middle section include two shelves and two smaller drawers. Upper for small accessories like cables, papers, fx effects, records cleaner. Bottom is designed to fit your CD collection. Cross railing can be sold as additional options, it keeps your CD on place during closing when you don't have filled whole space

dj furniture

Enjoy your dj booth

Modern design, clean look, endless fun.

handles for drawers

Additional options

You can choose additional handles for your drawers. In default all drawers open as push to open system.


Finished back

Roomy DJ has finished back in all versions. In premium you get one whole board and in basic, standard three panels. All backs are made with 18 mm board so no more cheap 3 mm hdf. Its the same as whole body. You can put our dj furniture in the middle of the living room as dj booth and still will look awesome. Find out more link in bio.


Setup examples

Top desk width 1328 mm, depth 550 mm, drawer inside width 1255 mm, depth 440 mm. You can put your turntables in battle position on top desk.