Roomy DJ CDJ

Roomy DJ CDJ

Roomy DJ CDJ is made for DJ Furniture in mind, designed to be very stable and sturdy. It has to hold very high weight of dj gears especially turntables and vinyl. All is constructed that it wont collapse or bend under capacity. The back of the furniture is also made with 18 mm board (no more cheap 3 mm hdf).​ The back is finished the same as body.


Roomy DJ CDJ is created for those who has a lot of CD's collection and need space to keep them safe and clean. There are 8 drawers created for CD'S but not only. All drawers are Movento  by Blum and can handle capacity up to 30kg each.​ They are open by push to open system without handles.

The whole furniture is based on metal frame. We offer inside color drawers only in white.


Top desk is battle position ready.


Top panel is crafted for you Dj gear so everything will look as custom made or without it. Let us know what setup are you using.


Top panel is made with MDF and painted in all RAL color you want. If you change your gear we can make you the new one and you will just need to replace it. The whole furniture will stay the same.


Top panel may be slightly different from the whole body as they are made from two different materials.


Body is made from basic colors with Particleboard.


Fronts are made in premium from MDF and in basic from Particleboard.


** All gears shown on the pictures are for demonstration purpose only and are not sold with the roomy dj.


  • Product details


    Width: 1404 [mm]

    Depth: 640 [mm]

    Hight: 1040 [mm]

    Weight: ~200 kg


    Frame: Metal construction

    Body and drawers: Particleboard.

    Fronts: Particleboard or MDF with acryllic paint (depends from color)

  • Time for complete order

    After receiving you order we will start to prepare it as soon as possible. It will take from 4 to 8 weeks until the whole packages will be sent from us. You have to add additional time for the delivery, which depends from your destination.

    We are not responsible for our subcontractors so if there will be some sort of delays we will inform you witih 5 days after we get that information by ourselfs.

    Time also depends from the color and finish you choose some might be done faster than others. We will inform you during the whole preparation.

  • Shipping outside EU

    For shipping Roomy DJ to countries not listed at checkout please contact us

    We offer worldwide delivery but the pricing outside EU are very different depends of the destination and has to be calculated individually.