Roomy DJ Desk Basic

Roomy DJ Desk Basic

*Price inclusive 23% TAX

Roomy DJ Desk has been created to meet Dj need for having special place to put their equipment. You can hide all cables inside furniture so the whole setup will look clean and modern.

Its also battle position ready so no special needs to custom this for battle position DJ's.


We offer this furniture in Basic colors and Premium colors.


Basic colors is made with Particleboard with all kind of colors you want check our custom design page to see default ones.


Premium colors is made with MDF and acrylic paint. You can choose whatever RAL color you want and we will paint it for you.


You can also choose if you want to have top panel crafted for you Dj gear so everything will look as custom made or without it.


Top panel is made with MDF and painted in all RAL color you want. If you change your gear we can make you the new one and you will just need to replace it. The whole furniture will stay the same.


If you choose top panel for basic version the colors my be different from the whole body as they are made from two different materials. However we always make top desk in different colors and better finish so it will still look great.


  • Product details


    Width: 1072 [mm]

    Depth: 640 [mm]

    Hight: 1000 [mm]

    Weight: ~100 kg


    Body and fronts: Particleboard in basic and MDF with acryllic paint in premium.

    Top panel: MDF with acryllic paint

  • Time for complete order

    After receiving you order we will start to prepare it as soon as possible. It will take from 4 to 8 weeks until the whole packages will be sent from us. You have to add additional time for the delivery, which depends from your destination.

    We are not responsible for our subcontractors so if there will be some sort of delays we will inform you witih 5 days after we get that information by ourselfs.

    Time also depends from the color and finish you choose some might be done faster than others. We will inform you during the whole preparation.

  • Custom design & colors

    Roomy DJ Desk Basic can be customized the way you want it. We can make it wider for more gear and top panel can bu cut especially for your dj gear. You can also choose the colors you want.

  • Shipping outside EU

    For shipping Roomy DJ Desk to countries not listed at checkout please contact us

    We offer worldwide delivery but the pricing outside EU are very different depends of the destination and has to be calculated individually.